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Tue, Aug 25, 2009

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I am amazed how many people, in general, are not aware of Google applications— "cloud computing"— and how integrated they are. I cannot work any longer without their apps at this point. Google right now has over one million businesses running Google apps.  Below is an overview showcasing some of Google’s applications.

Let me start withgmail-logo5  Thier email service is integrated with Google docs, calendar, and contacts. One of my favorite tools in Gmail is the Add event—  "watch out Microsoft" — it works just like Outlook. When composing an email for a meeting, you can hit the  Add event invitation and this will go with the email and at the same time, put it into your Google calendar. When your party see’s the email, they will have the option to hit yes or no after you send it and will go right into your calendar as accepted or not. One of the coolest things you can do with Gmail is to go under Mail Settings and there you will find Google labs, this is where you can tweak your Gmail with many different tools that can enhance your productivity. Gmail, by far, is the fastest email system out there with Google technology for searching your email history.

docs_logo_sm3This is my favorite application and foe to Microsoft! — but that is a another post. Google docs is my repository for everything, docs, pdfs, powerpoint, excel, webpages – you can create your own forms also. The simplest way to explain Google docs: " Microsoft Office but for free." You can create and save in all Microsoft format’s along with pdf format. If you don’t want to upload the document, you can simply cut and paste it in. "Lol," evertime I try to copy and paste something into a word document, it will be unformatted – with Google docs not only will it format correctly, but it will also come with all the images and web-links.

It is great for grabbing a webpage, it looks virtually just like what you see on the web. Just hit "select all" on the webpage, then copy and paste into Google docs. You can also share your documents with others, and this is a real life saver when you are working with several people on the same document. When you share the document, you email the other parties that will be working on it with you. When everyone accepts, then all parties will be looking at the same document. This way you will see who edited what, instead of re-emailing the document every time there is a revision. When you compose an email, Google docs has an option to attach a document from your email— again integrated. 

Note: you can set permissions for edit or read only when adding others.

Google docs in plain english


calendar_logo_sm_en3Calendar is the only way I get things done every day!  Between Calendar and Google contacts, it is becoming more like my contact manager. I find myself using less and less my Act Contact Manager software. Google Calendar has multiple view’s: month, week, day, and agenda. It is also integrated with Gmail. On the left of the pane you have my calendars, for example: you can have a work, book club, or family calendar and this way you can look at other calendars, or even have their calendar integrate with yours if you set up permission to do so. On the right of the pane you have your tasks list.  When you print out your calendar you have many options on how to format.

A real plus for blackberry users: you can sync your calendar and contacts with your Blackberry automatically. Google Sync works with many other phones also.



google-bookmarks3Google Bookmarks is similar to other online bookmark sites, but the major difference is it’s integrated with your other Google tools. The first thing you do before you start using it is to download Google toolbar or grab the Google bookmark button and drag it to your browser tray; you can bookmark right from the toolbar. It also allows you to get to other Google tools in a snap. When you bookmark, a window will pop up and you can create labels and categorize the sites—of course all bookmarks are
indexed for search.


google-web-history2  Web History is what I call the brain, ha. It basically records every click you make on-line. I love it! For example: I forgot to bookmark something from yesterday that I want to look up again, no need to worry anymore. I simply go to web-history and to the right is a calendar, click on the day you want to go back to and there you will be able to browse by time of day. To the left of the page you will have a list of choice’s to search by: Web, images, news, products, video, maps…this is a nice feature when you want to segment your web history. The trends button below is pretty cool too, it will show you your top queries, sites, and clicks.

I do want to acknowledge that some people have a problem with allowing Google to track your evey move online. What I say to candidates and students is, "If you are not doing anything illegal you have nothing to worry about."  

Note: Firefox and Explorer both have privacy mode options if you don’t want to be tracked. You can also remove any history you don’t want on there. My value proposition is, "there is more gain in allowing them to do it than not."


 Picasa is better, in my opinion, than Apple Iphoto as it is integrated into other Google tools, online and off. You can go to Picasa from from anywhere on Google. It will be in the left corner under photos. Next download Picasa application — pc or mac— to your computer. This is where you really see the power of Picasa! At the bottom of the Image you have all the options to edit the image, email, print, blog it, create a movie, or print. When you first download Picasa you will have the option to what Picasa indexes on your hard-drive. I choose everything, it was amazing! All my faxes, scanned images, movies, and camera images were all indexed by date and folder.

What I just showed you is a small sample of what Google has to offer. I mean, come on folks, creating a Google operating system online vs. having everything on your hard-drive? I think the right choice is clear! On top of it all your content on Google, for the most part,  you can backup!   List of Google products.

"This is where everything is going "with or without ya!"

I want everyone to take an interest in "Cloud Computing" to understand what it means, because essentially that is what Google is doing. All of the tools I discussed is sitting in the clouds, "Love the pun".

On a personal note, I am trying to rally my family into to using all the google tools. I have 4 children 18,15,13 and 5, yes I said 5 years old. My wife and I are integrating our google calendars to minimize any confusion. Having such a big family , this will make all of our lives allot easier if we all our connected online.  lol , my teenagers will not have an excuse anymore forgetting there chores or commitments. Gonna love that!

Besides headhunting -I train,lecture on this very subject I have discussed. I have seen companies excel after I have trained them to harness the power of these tools – you can to!

Important Note:
I hope I never hear again a candidate tell me "I left my resume on my home computer, I will email to you  later….


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