What if you don’t?

Fri, May 29, 2009

Be Prepared

Update your brand on a continuous basis
Keep up with what is going on with the online world
Finding out what is hot
Identify your competition
Know your value in the marketplace
Benchmark your accomplishments
Backup all my information
Create a blog
Present your self like a case study
Update your portfolio regularly
Update your resume regularly
Become an expert
Sign-up on important social networks
Subscribe to informative blogs
Stay ahead of your competition
Snap out of my negative attitude
Stop procrastinating
Make time for my family or partner
Learn how to be a better listener
Learn how to find potential prospects
Create my career blueprint
Transfer my skill sets to an industry that is growing
Start taking care of my health
Become more present " being in the NOW "
Get a grip
Learn how to be a better sales person
Finding great prospects
Identify companies that could be a potential opportunity
Start thinking like an entrepreneur
Understand the world is changingfast.com
Become more flexible, nimble
Have a plan
Leverage the digital channels
Automate information so it comes to you
Develop better competitive intelligence skills
Leverage online tools to help you be more productive
Start asking my self better questions
Someone else will
Understand whether my skills are in demand or on the way out
Identify where job trends are going
Find the right people to connect with in my network
Make time
Identify industry trends
Accept there is no job security
Find my unique selling proposition
Sharpen my interviewing skills
Have a 30 thousand foot pitch
Take control over my career
 What happened over the last 2 years whether you want to accept it or not, is a dramatic paradigm shift in how we will gain employment , self employment and how companies will run themselves. Companies will operate, grow and hire differently. This will directly effect how future employment will work.
Thinking like an entrepreneur is critical to succeeding forward,being flexible and nimble. The definition of what an employee is today is not the same as it once was.  I need to take ownership of my brand and career. How I leverage the digital channels out there to build my brand is up to me. Example: younger generation Millennials– they are growing up with the reality they are on their own coupled with the worst economic times. Many have watched their parents lose everything they own. This generation and younger will surpass anyone not moving with the times. Older generations need to adjust to this new way of thinking; younger generations have an advantage.
 "Plugging into a job" is over. Companies have clearly shown that they can no longer provide you with long-term job security !  Think like a consultant  rather than an employee.  You can no longer afford the time to get around to getting your resume together, finding out about your competition and understanding what your value is in the marketplace…
 Everyone knows the guy down the hall who was there for 20 years,  you never know what they did or how they kept their job- Gone!  Companies in the future will be lean mean-fighting machines.  The luxury of keeping excess fat "non billable employees" in the company is no longer an option.  Companies will continually be looking to where they can make cuts and optimize to thrive in the marketplace.  In turn, you need to look at other potential opportunities,  build your brand on-line to make sure you have long-term job security,  whether it’s with your current employer or the company you are already looking at. There are many successful companies that I have worked with who retain talent and flourish as a company. Ultimately this is the type of working relationship you want to strive for.
The economy has forced me to change also,  I am doing more seminars and trainings concerning how to build your brand. I realized as a headhunter coupled with the economy that people need direction now more than ever with their career strategy. What I enjoy most is empowering people with answers to the questions concerning their career paths.
When it comes to your brand, you want to leverage online channels just as your employer does "hopefully" ha. Ask yourself this question,  when you do a Google search on yourself what does it say? Then type in your favorite blogger, you will see their brand is everywhere with a message and consistency. We all need to be on our best game from here on out or you will find yourself in a whole lotta hurt
If you don’t.
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